Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 2 of 3 Day Refresh

To ready about Day 1 and the schedule of eating for the 3 Day Refresh, visit Day 1 of 3 Day Refresh Completed.

Day 2 was very similar to Day 1, so I will not go over the schedule of eating again.  But I will talk about the Fiber Sweep again.  If you read about my Day 1, then you know I could not finish the Fiber Sweep.  Well, for Day 2.... I finished it all!  The trick is drinking what you can in the first few gulps.  It was not even that bad and it did not have time to thicken up on me.

I was disappointed that I was still hungry at night.  I know it will take my body a while to get used to not eating and gorging myself at night, but it still stinks to go to bed hungry.  I did not sleep as well last night, I think maybe because of the hunger thing.  But I have to remember that my body is used to consuming most of its calories before bed, I need to stick with it and have healthier habits.

I also did better with spreading out my water intake yesterday, so at least I did not have to get up to use the bathroom last night. 

I weighed myself again this morning and lost another 2 pounds from yesterday's total, so I am now at 158.  This is 4 pounds total so far.  I do hope I still lose in my first week of 21 Day Fix as well, but then I remind myself that it is not about my weight, it is about my health!  I wish I could find my measuring tape to measure how many inches, but it is packed up somewhere with the house being on the market.

I am ready to finish off this last day and start the 21 Day Fix tomorrow.  I also missed using a work out video yesterday, though I did go out for a nice long walk.  Hoping I can fit in a walk when my husband gets home this evening, I don't like not getting any exercise in.

Time for me to start this day and to start on some work for school.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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