Sunday, July 6, 2014


So it looks like I got busy with school and kind of fell off from posting updates here!  The last half of the year as I took over a classroom went really well.... so well that I got rehired to teach first grade this upcoming school year!!  I am so excited and it has been a long wait to have my own classroom from the time I graduated with my degree.  So long that I had to renew my statement of eligibility to teach, but it all went smooth and I am ready to go for the new year.

We did get the house on the market in the beginning of April in hopes of selling and buying a new place in the country.  Unfortunately we have not had any offers yet.  I am trying to not get too hopeful as I am afraid of being let down and not selling within 6 months.  Once 6 months are up, we are planning on taking the house off the market and I am not sure we will put it back up for sell next year.  We shall see though, as we are planning to pay off more debt with the sell of the house and start new and fresh with only a mortgage as our only debt if the house sells as planned.  I am getting nervous because there are not many houses selling in my neighborhood right now.  Last year, houses did start selling in late July/August for a couple of months, maybe the same will hold true this year?  We also have major road construction going on with the main road leading to our subdivision which is not helpful.  I can imagine people not in the best mood by the time they get here if they are viewing the house during peak traffic time.

I also have not worked in my garden this year.  I was kind of hoping to get an offer on the house by now, so I have not kept up with the garden.  I am missing it and my fresh veggies.  My brother is missing my canned banana peppers!  He came over on Independence Day and asked for some.  I told him to find me some fresh banana peppers and I would love to!  I am missing them also, eating the store bought canned banana pepper rings is just not the same.

We have had to do some small trips again this year like we did last year.  I was hoping to get to the beach this year, but do not have the money with the house not selling as I had hoped.  So far we have been to Kings Island and Pigeon Forge.  Those trips are worth posts of their own so I will spare the details for now.  I do wish I took more photos on those trips, but honestly, I was more concerned with enjoying my time with the family than of taking photos.  But I do love photos to remember those special moments!

I guess this is update enough for the time being.  I have other great things to talk about, including my try to lose weight once again (I am still up and down on that front) and more.

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  1. Congratulations on the Chanda Classroom assignment! You will be molding minds, personalities and attitudes as they are at their very peak susceptibility to learning. Any frustrations you encounter can be put aside by the reminder to yourself that you are doing wonderful things in the lives of the youngsters.



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