Friday, August 9, 2013

Activities Close to Home: When a Faraway Vacation is Not Possible

I want to start off with thanking all those that checked out my posts this week about different spots we visited during this summer!  School is next week for us so it has been great remembering the fun we had (I need to check how many days until next summer, I am going to miss it too much!).

This week has been about activities that we found close to our home in Lexington, Kentucky.  For those that have not seen the posts yet, you can find the different spots I featured in this series here:
We were not able to go on a faraway vacation this year for many reasons, including financial reasons.  In late March, I found out I was pink slipped from my teaching assistant job (I got re-hired in July for that position until after Christmas, which is when I will take over a 1st grade classroom for the last half of the year).  But in late March until I was re-hired, I was a bit stressed!  I did not want the kids to just be sitting at home all summer because we were having financial problems, so I knew they would be going to the local parks and other free things that Lexington offers.  But what else could I do to make it a super special summer without spending much money?  My guidelines to finding activities included:
  • Distance from our house (had to be within a 2 hour driving distance)
  • Family friendliness
  • Cheapness
I feel we did pretty well on keeping true to those guidelines.  When I ask Cara what she will tell people when they ask what they did this summer, she had a list a mile long, so we must have done something right!  And so now, I leave you with a few photos of other summer fun we had, close to our backyard!

Historic Lindsay Springs- 15 minute bike ride from our house- Free!
YMCA Pool- 15 minute car drive from our house- Monthly fee for the Y
Waveland Museum and Park- 20 minute car drive from our house- Free!
Mcconnells Springs Hiking Trail- 10 minute car drive from our house- Free!

Kentucky State Capital- 25 minute car drive from our house- Free to walk around ;)
Kentucky State Capital- Flower Clock- Cara loves this thing and talks about it all the time!
Backyard fun... Free!
What are some destination spots close your home that you want to or have gone to during a "staycation?" 


  1. We had a tough summer, financially. We had to skip a few weddings we were invited to that were by plane. The thing is, the kids don't know or don't care this young. We've had wonderful adventures. That's why I love your posts so much! They show how much magic and wonder is close to all of us.

    1. Awww, thank you! It really was a great summer for us and I am really going to miss it. Of course the school year and different seasons have different adventures, I just have to remember to make the most of every day and enjoy those small moments!

  2. Sometimes the best trips are right in our own backyards!! We did a lot of hanging out by the pool this summer!

    1. Yes!! Sounds like a great time of just relaxing and playing!



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