Friday, August 23, 2013

When Refrigerators Go Bad!

I should have figured when the fridge broke on New Year's Eve and I spent the entire evening defrosting our fridge that it was a sign of the year ahead.  After that, we spent money twice trying to fix the fridge (along with both vehicles needing repairs, issues with the washer, and other things that just seemed to take a lot out of savings!).  We finally found out the fridge had problems with the heater part around the coils so it just kept freezing up.  At the time, we were given an estimate of around $600 to fix it.  We decided to get a new fridge instead, but we did not have much money, so every week and half I had to defrost the fridge until we were in a better position to get a new one.
One of the many times I had to defrost the old fridge.

With school on my mind a couple of weeks ago, I told Damien I could not keep up with defrosting the fridge and everything else too, I was ready to get a little cheap fridge.  So on a whim, we got online to and found their cheapest 18.2 cubic ft. Kenmore.  Now I know better than to buy and check reviews after the fact, but that is what happened and I kept reading that the fridge was LOUD.  I thought, how bad could it be?
Alex saying bye to the old fridge.

Our delivery day was a Friday, 2 days after ordering. The good thing about getting a fridge delivered from Sears is that for 10 bucks more they will take and recycle your old fridge. 

So after our big fridge was gone and our new smaller fridge was here and plugged in, I heard what the fridge sounded like when it is running.... and it is LOUD!  I am used to it now, but I am still a little nervous about when we put the house on the market and the potential buyers are hearing this loud fridge.  We will probably be taking it with us, so maybe they will be relieved when they see that the fridge is not to be part of the house!
New fridge, super loud!


  1. LOUD, but working! I say that's a plus in my book. :)

  2. Ah, how scary!! I'd say loud is good because at least you know it's running, right?

  3. I am glad that you finally got to get a new fridge so that you didn't have to constantly defrost your old one.



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