Monday, August 19, 2013


There are two types of businesses that I stalk my Groupon app for, salons and restaurants. 

Now my love for Groupon started when a lot of local restaurants were offering 50% off a meal for 2 or 4 people.  Now it seems like a good restaurant Groupon is becoming more rare every day.  So every time I see a good Groupon for a restaurant we love, I grab it and don't look back!  And if it is a restaurant where tipping is the norm, I do not forget to tip off the original check, not with my Groupon discount.  I was once upon a time a server, and it is a tough job!  I really relied on my tips since the pay was just enough to cover taxes and maybe a little pocket change.

The trend for my area Groupons are all about the salons this past year.  Seems like many are part of the Groupon world, including stylists that just rent a stall and put out the Groupon for just themselves.  I have gotten to the point that I cannot afford to get my highlights from the stylist I fell in love with years ago, so I do jump stylists depending on who has the best Groupon out that serves my needs.  I feel a little guilty, I admit, because I know many stylists depend on the return clients.  But for now, I must do what I can afford.  It is nice to get a Groupon where I can get my highlights, cut, and style for half the price I used to pay (and would put on my credit card, part of why our finances are how they are now and we can no longer afford the things we used to do, including long vacations!).  And of course, I pay the tip based on what the price would have been before the Groupon.  Many stylists have been a little surprised that I still tipped based on the original price before the Groupon, so it makes me think that maybe people are tipping based on the Groupon price (or maybe not at all).  These people are making you feel confident and beautiful so do not forget to tip!!  Tipping is the norm with stylists, Groupon or not!

And of course there are other great industries that are taking advantage of the increase of customers from Groupon.  Hotels are a major one I noticed, though I have yet to try booking a hotel from a Groupon discount.  The ones I have looked at are usually only good on dates I cannot travel.

What are some your favorite Groupon deals?  Do you check the Groupon website or app often?

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  1. I get the daily emails. It's usually not thrilling over here but I love the food ones. Not the restaurant ones, but the cafe/coffee shop ones. And I love ones for photos on canvas!



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