Monday, August 26, 2013

Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice: Summer Break Tour

A week before school started we had the privilege of taking the kids to their first concert to see Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice.  Of course, Cara was super excited, Alex.... well, not so much.  I was just happy we were able to go as a family as Damien was able to request off for that night.

Getting ready to head into the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati.
The opening act started 5 minutes early, which was awesome... but then after he was finished, there was a long wait and I thought for sure it was time for Victoria Justice to come out!  But no, it was another opening act.  Then another long wait.  Then finally, Victoria Justice!!  By the time we were waiting for Big Time Rush, is was past 9:00 and we probably sat around 30 minutes just for them to get started.  Definitely a long wait for kids!
During one of the many breaks in between acts.
When Big Time Rush finally hit the stage, Alex was pretty much over it.  He made it through a few songs and then complained about the music being too loud and started crying (mind you, this was getting close to 10:00 pm at this time, their usual bedtime is 8:30).  So Alex and Damien left the concert and sat outside while Cara and I finished the concert.  And she lasted the entire time!!  I think she was too excited to complain or think about being tired!  Perhaps if we had seen a band that Alex cared for, he would have lasted longer as well. 

Overall, I am so grateful for the opportunity to go to this concert, it is something Cara will never forget!  I know if I had the chance to see New Kids on the Block at her age, I would have been over the moon!


  1. What an experience! I would love to take my kids to a concert. I wanted to take them to a recent summer one and there babies there, but my kids are at those ages in which they cry if they don't go to bed on time. Soon!

    1. Well, it will be awhile before we try another one! I expected my oldest to be fine, so I was surprised when he cried.



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